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Online First / Ahead of Print


What is Online First?
Online First is a feature offered through the Macedonian Veterinary Review electronic web site (  It enables finaly revised articles to appear online soon after their acceptance for publication, prior to their inclusion in the printed volume or issue. This feature is referred to as publish ahead of print, publish before print and continuous publishing. Access to full - text Online First articles is available through our journal’s web.
Articles are in final PDF format apart from pagination, i.e. they have been accepted for publication. The Online First release date serves as the official publication date.

Citations to Online First articles
Each Online First article is citeable by the Digital Object Identifier (DOI). Each "Mac Vet Rev" article DOI is registered with CrossRef ( allowing permanent resolution to each article and giving publishers the ability to link their references to articles whenever they are cited.
The publication date is provided in the citation line associated with the article. All versions of the article will remain available electronically on the site and will be clearly identified by date.
Every Online First article should be cited as follows:

Khalifa T, Rekkas C., Samartzi F., Lymberopoulos A., Kousenidis K., Dovenski T. Highlights on artificial insemination (AI) technology in the pigs. Mac Vet Rev 2014; 37 (1):

After the article is assigned to a specific issue, new citations can be made using volume and page number information, while still using the same DOI number.

Online First offers clear benefits to authors and researchers:

  • Reduced lead time between submission and publication
  • Access to the very latest articles in the field
  • Greater usage and exposure of articles, including earlier citation opportunities by related works

Final paginated issue
The Online First version of articles will be removed from the site when the complete paginated volume is published.  The date of first publication appears below each article, followed by the DOI. Citations using either the DOI or the bibliographic data will resolve to the paginated final article. The latest version of the article will be printed in the hard copy issue. All versions of the article will remain available electronically and will be clearly identified by date.

Do citations to Online First articles get counted in the calculation of Impact Factors?
Yes, the Online First articles are considered to calculate the Impact Factor, Immediacy Index all other relevant indexing criteria.

Is the Online First article considered final and definitive?
Yes, the article will not change from this version (except by the addition of  pagination data). If errors are identified in this version, then  they will only be corrected by use of an erratum (as is the case for any published  article).






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